Sunday, December 13, 2009

12 Days of Christmas, desserts.

Peppermint Black bean brownies:
For the next twelve days, I will post a Christmas cookie recipe.
Although, tonight's recipe is not a cookie. It's a brownie. A brownie made with black beans. Stop making a face. I know black beans should be saved for an enchilada accoutrement, or perhaps a soup...I was skeptical too. But, my faithful reader(s)?, these brownies do not taste like black beans.
However, I will admit I am not completely satisfied with my results. I "stole" the recipe from Happy only amendment was the peppermint extract addition. (I added 1/2 tsp.) My brownies were not as thick as hers, even though I did them in the same size dish. I will try to make these again by adding some chocolate chips and maybe 1/4 cup more chocolate powder. try the recipe though- they look fab and look like they taste even better on the HH blog.
Come back tomorrow for another recipe. I am still toying with the next 11 recipes, so if you have suggestions, leave them here, or on my fb page and I will try to deliver.

(No recipe, click the HH link!)

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