Friday, February 5, 2010

Sticky Buns

What's your favorite breakfast food?
I was always a big fan of waffles as a kid- the store bought ones, or the ones my dad would make on Saturday mornings, or better still, the amazing waffles ar UP- any of my fellow alum can attest to this. The ridiculous line and waiting in your sweats and unshowered hair was worth it. I'm pretty sure I would be non-vegan for one of those- did I say that outloud?
The other thing I loved were those stupid cinnamon rolls in a tube- especially with orange icing.

Barefoot Contessa made cinnamon rolls with PUFF PASTRY the other day- can you say genius? So, I made them last weekend when my uncle was here for a visit. They are so flaky and light and the pecan/sugar/cranberry mix is great. I followed her recipe almost exactly, but here are the modifications:
SPRAY the muffin tins. Seriously, please do it.
Cut the butter (use Earth Balance, of course) amount in half- no need to have a coronary before 10 am.
For the filling: I used dried cranberries instead of raisins and also added some orange zest and juice to the mixture for a nice flavor combo.

Serve this up with tofu eggs and or veggie patties to have a nice sweet and salty combo. These buns will disappear- try them!!

The recipe for the best buns you'll ever have (sticky buns, people. Where is your head?)

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