Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And so we say goodbye...

Hello faithful reader(s)?

You may wonder where I've been the past month. Hmmm...school, work, running, cooking, sleeping, not cleaning my room, and enjoying some play time here and there. I have also been on quite a health rollercoaster.

A few months ago I began having some health problems- 6 doctors later, no one knew why such odd things were happening to me, like my losing my hair. A 6th doctor finally listened and helped me figure out the issue. We decided that being vegan was exacerbating my health issue and a few weeks ago, I ate meat for the first time in almost a year.
I want to say that I appreciate every person who accepted my choice to go vegan by supporting me, eating what I cooked and not rolling your eyes every time you knew I was on the guest list for dinner. I also want to make it clear that being vegan does not mean you will lose your hair. I did my best and I think I was a damn good vegan, but my body was telling me to knock it off (I need to work on my listening skills.)
If you're vegan, I hope you'll support my decision to not be. And if you aren't vegan, you can celebrate the fact that you can feed me chicken. I will still be cooking lots of vegan food (I just enjoyed my new fav "Afternoon Smoothie" which is vegan!) I just created a new blog, so come join me here.

I went vegan to challenge myself (which I did) and to be even healthier than I became in the past 3 years. I told myself if that goal ever failed that I should return to a non-vegan lifestyle. Don't worry, my new blog promises to have healthy recipes, a few treats and some new surprises.

Happy reading (and eating!)

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