Thursday, January 28, 2010

Delicious pita, not peta.

Whenever I tell people I'm vegan I imagine their heads swimming with ideas about me throwing paint on fur coats and standing at the corner of a McDonalds with huge posters of massacred pigs, wearing, of course, a PETA shirt, or sticker, etc. I promise, I find PETA just as annoying as you do. I appreciate their cause, but when you do things like scold the president for killing a fly, you further alienate yourself from a country that does not understand you, just saying.
In any case, I love the other pita: with hummus, eggplant spread, plain, as sandwich bread, baked as a get the idea.
I recently discovered a blog, peobably my new fav ( and felt inspired by their pita bread recipe.
I copied the recipe line for line, except two things: I used active yeast and I added garlic salt instead of regular salt. The pita is light in flavor (that's a sweet way of saying bland), as it should be, but to up the flavor, I think next time I'll add a teaspoon of garlic powder, in addition to the regular salt. I also want to try this with cinnamon and bake them into cinnamon sugar chips.
Now, my pitas do not look as pretty as the ones on the noveleats website, but who cares what they look like when you're stuffing it in your mouth 5 minutes before class starts?

Get the recipe here.
If you're using active yeast, follow these directions.

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